As a “tarot revolutionary” myself, I am very excited by Ayumi Kurono’s book.  To keep anything alive, especially the venerable and ancient wisdom of the tarot, it  takes revision and renewal.  The “Secret of Voyager Table” is a timely and necessary undertaking because it takes the tarot out of the old closet of the occult into a modern day guide for wholeness – how to be happy, healthy, holy and wealthy.  Kurono’s Aquarian perspective gives tarot a needed infusion of new energy for the 21st century. 

My Deck, Voyager Tarot, was intended to be a roadmap for the Aquarian Age.  It takes the imaginative mind of Ayumi Kurono to adapt and evolve tarot through the Voyager way of life.  A wonderful student of Voyager for many years, Ayumi, has always been a most creative and productive “voyager!”  Now, with this new  book, she is fulfilling her magical mind and heart.  I am so blessed to have such a futurist as her come forward with the courage and vision to take Voyager into  new use for the common person in these creative times to have a true guide for our contemporary and changing world.

Described as a modern “emerald tablet” that has long and legendary roots as an alchemical formula for transformation, Voyager Tarot is indeed a process for “for-tune creation” that is far beyond popular fortune-telling. Like the ancient versions of the tablet, Voyager shows the user how to be the “Star You Are!”  It’s a true  ancient and future map of life for the ongoing evolution of the individual and of all humankind to attain their highest expression.  As Ayumi Kurono so aptly describes in her scholarship and dedication to the realization of our human potential, Voyager Tarot, through the power of symbols, synchronicity, and surprise, evokes the “universal human” that is as abundant, ecstatic, energetic and sustainable as the universe from which we are born.

Voyager Tarot is not a classic old tarot depicting on medieval Europeans. Befitting our Aquarian Age, this latest rendition of the “emerald tablet,” is truly multi-cultural and multi-racial for our multi-dimensional lives.  Combining ancient wisdom and futuristic, psychology and shamanism, sage and inner child, Voyager is a completely “wholistic” collage of rich, transformative art for inclusive living. Adaptive and relevant to our new and changing world, the “Voyager Tablet” is at once a mindfulness practice, spiritual intuitive tool, business strategy, and “edutaining” gamelike vehicle that is fun and profound, great for conversation and deep personal introspective.  Indeed, in our connective world, Ayumi Kurono has the capacity to “connect the dots” – to see how Voyager blends the best of the oldness of the Antiquarian with the futureness of the Aquarian.

In today’s world, we are all “magicians,” which means that to survive and succeed in our speeding, complex, uncertain age of anxiety and invention, we must all learn the time-tested principles for manifesting our dreams and visions. No longer are we are mere victims or victors on the fortune wheel of chance.  We must be empowered to fulfill our own prophecy.  How to do this?  Follow, as this book explains, the “fortune formula” for living and being in action all 78 of the Voyager “map of life.”  Picking your “Card A Day” and becoming that Card in your daily life will transform and transport you to live the enlightened life of successful, happy and healthy self-sustainablity. 

Thank you, Ayumi, for your deep understanding of what the true tarot tablet is about. Go Voyager !

– James Wanless, Ph.D., creator of Voyager Tarot.

推薦の言葉 ボイジャー創始者ジェームス博士より



 『ボイジャータブレットの秘密』は、古代のオカルト的な使われ方をしていたタロットを古いクローゼットから引っ張り出し、我々が〝完全に〟生きるためのガイド、すなわち ━ 幸せに、健康で、祝福された、豊かな人生を過ごすための教え━ として取り出した、まさに必要なタイミングで世に出された作品です。アユミのいう水瓶座的視点によって、タロットには21世紀の新しいエネルギーが注入されました。






 アユミが彼女の研究を通して、人間の可能性を最大限に表現する道を追求する中で、ボイジャータロットは、シンボル(図象)やシンクロニシティ、驚きの力を通して、我々が生まれてきたこの豊かで歓喜に満ち、エネルギッシュでかつ持続可能な宇宙を生きる「 Universal Human (普遍的な人類)」を呼び醒ます役割を担っています。









 一日一枚、その日のカードを選び、日常生活の中でそのカードそのものを生きることで、 あなたは成功した、幸せで健康的、かつ持続可能で聡明な人生を過ごすことが出来るでしょう。


 彼女はますますVOYAGERとしての道を進み続けるでしょう! Go Voyager !

 ボイジャータロット創始者 Ph.D ジェームス・ワンレス 

Come and Join us !